Top Trout Fishing Spots in West Sutherland

Kinlochbervie Lochs
The Kinlochbervie Hotel has the fishing rights on the Rhiconich Estate and sells permits for Sandwood Estate lochs and the Kinlochbervie and Durness A.C. lochs, which include the Cape Wrath lochs.
Durness & Kinlochbervie A.C. Permits - Mather's store, Durness, and Kinlochbervie Hotel and Garage, Kinlochbervie.

For permits from the Kinlochbervie Hotel, Tel: 01971 521275.
loch innisLoch Innis

Scourie Lochs
The Scourie Hotel claims to have brown trout fishing available on around 300 lochs and lochans. In most cases these lie to the east of the A894 (NC500 route) requiring a 'walk-in', but are free to fish for hotel guests. Scourie & District Angling Club control fishing on 47 lochs, that lie to the west of the A894, and generally to the north of the village of Scourie.

Permits: Scourie Hotel, Tel: 01971 502396.
Scourie & District AC Permits from Scourie Filling Station. Tel: 01971 502422.
duart moreDuart More

Assynt Crofters' Trust Lochs
The Assynt Crofters’ Trust controls about 200 lochs to the north of Lochinver, including Loch Crocach, Loch Poll, Loch Drumbeg and Loch Cul Fraioch.
Bank fishing permits are available from a number of local outlets including:
Old Post Office, Drumbeg, Tel: 01571 833231,

Assynt Visitor Centre, Lochinver, Tel: 01571 844330.
Boat hire: from Assynt Crofters' Trust office, Stoer, Tel: 01571 855298. 
loch assyntLoch Assynt

Assynt Angling Group Lochs
The Assynt Angling Group controls the fishing on a large area east of the Assynt Crofters' lochs, extending from Kylesku to Ledmore Junction. This comprises over 150 lochs, including some larger ones such as Assynt, Veyatie and Cam, and is divided into 3 fishing zones; West (the northern most!), South & East.
Bank fishing permits: Assynt Visitor Centre, Lochinver, Tel: 01571 844330; Altnacealgach Inn, Ledmore, Tel: 01854 666260; Kylesku Hotel, Tel: 01971 502231.
Boat hire: The Cottage, Culag Square, Lochinver, Tel: 01571 844076 (South & West Zones only); Inchnadamph Hotel, Tel: 01571 822202 (East Zone). 
loch aweLoch Awe

Lochs Cam & Urigill
Urigill lies at the top of the Urigill-Cam-Veyatie chain, near Ledmore Junction. It's shallow, rarely >5m in depth. The best fishing is at the SE end near the inlet burns and around the islands. ‘Cama’ is another large loch. The south end, close to the moorings and cemetery, is generally shallow offering great drifts around the islands, and often sheltered when the far end of the loch is unfishable. Both lochs generally produce large ‘baskets’ of trout of 2 or 3 to the pound, but occasional much bigger fish. Arctic char are often caught on Cam. 
ermits from Ledmore Estate. Tel: 01854 666232.
loch camLoch Cam

Loch Veyatie
Veyatie is 4 miles (6.5 km) in length, running NW to SE, and generally only 200-500m in width. Dominated by the peaks of Suilven to the NW and Cul Mor to the SW, it's a spectacular place to fish. The centre-line of the loch is deep at 20-30m, and the most productive fishing is along the shore line and in the shallow bays. Brownies of ½ - ¾lb are the norm, but there are larger fish, and the loch is renowned for its ferox trout. Mayfly hatches in June/July provide great sport.
Permits from Ledmore Estate. Tel: 01854 666232.
loch veyatieLoch Veyatie

Loch Borrolan
Borrolan is a roadside loch offering easy access and bank or boat fishing. It's shallow and weedy and an excellent loch for beginners, and you can expect a large basket of trout around the ½ - ¾lb mark. Mayfly hatches in mid-June and early July can provide exciting sport.

Permits from the Altnacealgach Inn, Ledmore, Tel: 01854 666260
loch borrolanLoch Borrolan

Inverpolly Lochs
These lochs lie in the truly magnificent scenery of Inverpolly National Nature Reserve, directly to the south of the Assynt Angling Group, South Zone. The big lochs include Sionascaig and Lurgainn, separated by Stac Pollaidh (Stack Polly), and are often very deep. Again, trout of ½ - ¾lb are to be expected in the shallow areas, but ferox are also present and are occasionally taken on the fly.

Permits from Polly Estates, Inverpolly. Tel: 01854 622452.
loch sionascaigLoch Sionascaig

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