Top Trout Fishing Spots in North Sutherland

Loch Caladail
Caladail is perhaps the "crème de la crème" of the 4 limestone lochs of Durness. It's a good size loch of 25 ha (62 acres) lying at an altitude of 36m, and largely shallow at between 1.5 to 3m in depth. The water is crystal clear and alkaline, with patches of emergent weed, producing prolific insect and crustacean life. Superb quality brown trout averaging over 2 lbs, with a few fish of over 4 lbs caught each year.

Permits from the Keoldale Sheepstock Club, Tel: 01971 511255.
loch caladailLoch Caladail

Loch Borralie
The largest and most varied of the 4 limestone lochs of Durness, at just under a mile long, with a large island in the middle of the loch separated from the East bank by a narrow channel. Excellent trout averaging 1½ lbs, with a few fish up to 3 lbs and more.

Permits from the Keoldale Sheepstock Club, Tel: 01971 511255.
loch borralieLoch Borralie

Lochs Croispol & Lanlish
Croispol is less than 700m in length, lying at an elevation of only 14m above sea level. Of the 4 limestone lochs, this contains the smallest fish, but they still average a respectable 1 lb. Lanlish is the smallest loch, but with a big fish reputation, averaging over 3 lbs, and up to 8 lbs! It's a dour loch, generally fished at night, but more likely to frustrate than reward.

Permits from the Keoldale Sheepstock Club, Tel: 01971 511255.
loch croispolLoch Croispol

Loch Loyal
Loch Loyal a large loch running mainly north-south, offering easily accessed bank fishing for trout available on its western shores. The loch reaches depths of over 60m, so the best boat fishing is along the shorelines and in the south and eastern bays, and around their islands. Trout average ½ to ¾lb, with the occasional fish over 2lbs.

Tongue A.C. Permits from Ben Loyal Hotel, Tongue. Tel: 01847 611216.
loch loyalLoch Loyal

West & East Halladale Lochs
A fabulous collection of at least 35 lochs typically lying 2 to 3 miles (up to to 5km), to the west and east of the River Halladale, that are managed by the Forsinard Fly Fishers' Club. A huge variety of lochs in remote settings, however most require a 'walk-in' across peatland and heather moor.

Permits from Forsinard Fly Fishers' Club; bookings through their website.
loch nan gallLoch nan Gall

Forsinard Lochs
Forsinard Fly Fishers' Club control access to 6 of the lochs in the Altnabreac area of 'Flow Country' to the east of Forsinard, once managed by the Forsinard Hotel. These lochs offer a variety of excellent bank and boat fishing, and many enjoy a mayfly hatch in June & July. Trout vary in size from loch to loch, but are generally of good quality averaging ¾ to 1 lb, with the occasional fish of 2lbs and more.

Permits from Forsinard Fly Fishers' Club; bookings through their website.
loch skylineLoch Skyline

Achentoul Estate Lochs
Achentoul Estate controls the trout fishing on a group of lochs lying to the west of the A897, a few miles north of Kinbrace. Loch Ruathair offers the easiest access with both bank fishing and boat hire available. This is an excellent loch for beginners, and you can expect a large basket of trout averaging around the ½lb mark.

Permits from Achentoul Farm self-service hut. Tel: 01431 831323.
loch ruathairLoch Ruathair

Badanloch Estate Lochs
Badanloch and its 2 interconnected lochs Rimsdale, and nan Clar, provide stored water to benefit the River Helmsdale salmon fishing. Trout in these lochs are typically 2-3 to the pound, with occasional much larger fish. The Estate also has fishing on some more remote lochs i.e. Druim and Coire nam Mang, where better quality trout are expected, though these require a 'walk-in' of 2-3 miles.

Permits from Badanloch Estate. Contact Brian Lyall Tel: 01431 831232
loch druimLoch Druim

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