Top Trout Fishing Spots in Caithness

Loch Watten
Watten is a large marl loch, almost 3 miles (4.65 km) in length, lying just 17m above sea level with an average depth of 10-12 ft (2.5–3m). Thus the water tends to stay clearer after prolonged big winds than on some of the shallower lochs. The wild brown trout are beautifully marked averaging just under a pound, with good numbers of fish in the 2 to 3 pounds class. 

Boat hire/permits from Hugo Ross, Wick, Tel: 01955 604200 .
loch watten trout fishing Watten Moorings

Loch Calder
Loch Calder reaches 28m in depth, and is bordered to the west by peatland with large exposed flagstone beaches. There are large numbers of trout in the ½ to ¾lbs range, and some much larger. Arctic char are present & hence ferox trout also. There is good accessible bank fishing on the E and N banks, and fishing is permitted on Sundays. A good option if blown off other lochs.
Boat hire from Dounreay FFA, through Harper's, Thurso, Tel: 01847 893179.
loch calder Loch Calder

St. John's Loch
A shallow marl loch, typically only 5-6 ft (1.5 to 2m) in depth. It can be affected by heavy weed growth in the summer and discolours easily in periods of high winds. The trout average 1lb, with several fish over 3lbs caught annually. The prime fishing is in late May until the end of June when there are prolific mayfly hatches. Bank fishing is allowed.

Boat hire/permits from Hugo Ross, Wick, Tel: 01955 604200.
st john's loch St John's Moorings

Loch Toftingall
Toftingall is another shallow marl loch lying in an interesting and secluded setting, surrounded on all sides by forestry plantation. Beautifully marked and varied brownies averaging about ¾lb. 

Boat hire/permits from Hugo Ross, Wick, Tel: 01955 604200.
loch toftingall Loch Toftingall

Loch Heilan
Even shallower than St. John's at only 4-5 ft (<1.5 m), Heilan is another sizeable marl loch. Plagued by prolific weed growth in the summer, discoloured water in periods of high winds, and generally dour, this loch is still worth a visit for the experienced angler as it is a renowned specimen fish water. Be prepared to blank, and you could be pleasantly surprised.

Boat hire/permits from Hugo Ross, Wick, Tel: 01955 604200.
loch heilen Loch Heilan

Ulbster Lochs
A dozen or so small trout lochs lying in the peatlands, often with adjacent forestry plantation, owned by the Ulbster Estate. Great wilderness, 180 degrees of sky. Most of the trout will be ½ to ¾lbs, but many of these lochs have stocks of larger fish.

Boat hire/permits from the Ulbster Arms Hotel, Halkirk, Tel: 01847 831641.
loch gaineimh Loch Gaineimh

Thrumster Lochs
The Thrumster Lochs are a group of lochs - Hempriggs, Yarrows, Marl Loch (Brickigoe) and Sarclet - lying a few miles to the south of Wick. They offer a variety of good quality trout fishing, including some excellent bank fishing, and they are fishable in all conditions.

Boat hire/permits from Thrumster Estate, Tel: 01955 651387, and Hugo Ross, Wick, Tel: 01955 604200.
loch sarclet Loch Sarclet

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