Top Salmon & Sea Trout Fishing Spots in West Sutherland

Rhiconich System Category: 1
The Rhiconich system comprises the Rhiconich River and the lochs Gharbet Mohr and Gharbet Beg, and extends for just 5 miles from Arkle to Loch Inchard. Although short in length, there is also a large area of catchment, and an extensive chain of lochs on the west side of Foinaven that drains into Gharbet Beg. Main Season: Jun-Oct 15th

Loch Gharbet Beg - Kinlochbervie Hotel
A long, narrow & shallow loch about 0.75 miles in length, famed for its salmon & grilse fishing.

Loch Gharbet Mohr - Kinlochbervie Hotel
A long, narrow & shallow loch about 1.2 miles in length, generally considered to be better for sea trout than salmon. 

Permits/boat hire available for non-residents - £90/day for 2 anglers.
​Kinlochbervie Hotel. Tel: 01971 521275. 

loch gharbet beg
Loch Gharbet Beg


Laxford System Category: 1
The Laxford is a renowned 4 mile river running northwest from Loch Stack to the tidal waters of Loch Laxford just below Laxford Bridge. The main river is extremely difficult to get on, but there are also 2 lochs on the system including the renowned Loch Stack.


Main Season: Jun-Sep 30th

river laxford River Laxford

Loch Stack - Scourie Hotel
A once renowned sea trout fishery, also offering good salmon fishing. 

Boat hire £110/day for 2 rods, for guests of Scourie Hotel. Ghillie service extra & mandatory.
Scourie Hotel. Tel: 01971 502396. 

loch stack
Loch Stack

Loch More - Scourie Hotel
Loch More is a 4 mile long loch lying above Stack, also offering the chance of a salmon or sea trout. It's much deeper than Stack, so fishing effort is focussed in the shallow bays at each end.  

Boat hire £27/day for 2 anglers, for guests of Scourie Hotel. 
Scourie Hotel. Tel: 01971 502396. 

loch more
Loch More


Inver System Category: 1
The River Inver flows for approximately 6 miles, flowing out of Loch Assynt, which is sizeable enough to provide some stability to its flows. Migratory fish can ascend easily to the loch which is itself a recognised salmon fishery. Main Season: May-Sep 30th

River Inver
The Inver is divided into 3 Beats: the Lower Beat comprising 2 x 2 rods, Middle Beat 2 x 2 rods, and Upper Beat 2 rods only.

Lower beat £240/day for 2 rods. Upper beat £130/day for 2 rods.
Permits from CKD Galbraith. Tel: 01738 451600. The fishing is sold on a beat (2 rods) basis.

river inver
River Inver

Loch Assynt - Inchnadamph Hotel
Salmon fishing by boat on Loch Assynt.

Boat hire w/motor £38/day for 2 anglers, available to non-residents.
Inchnadamph Hotel. Tel: 01571 822202. 

loch assynt
Loch Assynt


River Kirkaig Category: 2
The River Kirkaig is a classic West Coast spate river system, formed from a chain of lochs, covering a very large catchment, that include Fionn, Veyatie, Cam, Urigill and Borrolan. The Falls of Kirkaig, 2 miles upstream from the mouth are an impassable barrier to the further migration of salmon and sea trout, so the lochs above it contain brown trout and Arctic char only. Main Season: June-Oct 15th

River Kirkaig
The river below the Falls of Kirkaig is divided into three beats, each of two rods, which are fished on a daily rotation.

All beats £240/day for 2 rods.
Permits from CKD Galbraith. Tel: 01738 451600. The fishing is sold on a beat (2 rods) basis.

river kirkaig
River Kirkaig


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