Top Trout Fishing Spots in South & East Sutherland

Loch Shin
A huge loch, 17 miles (27km) in length, running NW-SE.  Trout are typically ½ to ¾lb, but there are also much larger ferox trout caught regularly. Fly fishing is the norm, but spinning and bait fishing are also allowed. Boat and bank fishing are permitted. Petrol outboards are recommended.

Lairg Angling Club boat hire from David Ross, Tel: 07768 566691
loch shin
Loch Shin

Loch Craggie
Craggie is recognised as the cream of the Lairg lochs, and the fishing is controlled by Lairg Angling Club. It's famous for both its mayfly hatch and the quality of its trout. These average around the 1lb+ mark, but many better fish in the 2-3lbs range are caught each season. Fly only, electric motors only.

Lairg Angling Club boat hire from David Ross, Tel: 07768 566691
loch craggie
Loch Craggie

Lochs Beannach & Dola
Access to these lochs is controlled by Lairg Angling Club. Trout in these lochs average ¾lb - 1lb, with occasional fish caught up to 2lbs. Fly only, electric motors permitted.

Lairg Angling Club boat hire from David Ross, Tel: 07768 566691
loch beannach
Loch Beannach

Loch Migdale
Loch Migdale is a large tree-lined loch lying above the village of Bonar Bridge at the western end of the Dornoch Firth. The loch runs broadly east-west for a total length of 1.8 miles, providing long drifts along the north & south shores. Abundant trout, typically 6-10.

Boat hire and bank permits from the Kyle of Sutherland A.C.
Contact Kenny Campbell, river watcher, based at the old netting station next to the road bridge at Bonar Bridge.
loch migdale
Loch Migdale

Lochs Cracail Mor, Buidhe, Laggan & Laro
These lochs are clustered on the hills above Bonar Bridge and are controlled by KoSAA. Loch Buidhe has roadside access, and both boat and bank fishing are permitted. Trout average ½lb. Cracail Mor requires a 1.5 miles 'walk in', but holds good quality trout averaging ¾lb, and up to 2lbs.

Boat hire & permits from Kenny Campbell, Kyle of Sutherland A.C.
loch buidhe
Loch Buidhe

Lochs Lannsaidh & Laiogh
These two remote hill lochs lie to the north-west of Dornoch, and are managed by Dornoch & District Angling Association. Access is via a gravel vehicle track. In addition to the small native brown trout, the club also stocks Laiogh with a few larger browns, and Lannsaidh with rainbow trout, typically in the 1-2lb range.

Permits online from Dornoch & District Angling Association website.
loch lannsaidh
Loch Lannsaidh

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